Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awakening The Beast

In the past few months my interest in creative writing has popped back up again. I've always enjoyed the process of writing, but sometimes my laziness takes over and the writing just stays inside my head. Until they figure out a way to hook a brain up to a printer, this is just called thinking. This week I finally decided to take action. I was thinking about how to start the process up again when the lightbulb went on...I HAVE A BLOG!!! Yes, my neglected blog is clearly the best place to practice my writing and to create the discipline I need so badly (desperately) to make sure I do it every day.

This is an experiment. But I really need to do this. I'm even taking extra measures this time and having a few people check up on me here to see that I am keeping up the daily writing. The great thing about this blog is that it can be about pretty much anything that I think is cool that I find somewhere on the internet. There is obviously an endless amount of material for this. But in the next few days I will also be starting a second blog that is a bit more focused. That blog will specifically feature film reviews. I watch a ton of movies and I always have something to say about them. As soon as I have something written and I think of a catchy name for the blog, I will post a link here.

See you tomorrow.

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