Friday, February 27, 2009

A Ken Burns Film

I am hopelessly enamored with the films of Ken Burns. I've seen about half of them so far, and I intend on seeing them all. After I watch one of his films, I feel like an expert on that subject. It makes me wish that every time I looked someone up on Wikipedia, instead a Ken Burns documentary on that person would magically appear. This may be sort of strange, but the two films of his that I enjoyed the least were the two that got him an Oscar nomination, The Brooklyn Bridge and The Statue of Liberty (but they are still very interesting). I think he is best at capturing the human spirit on film. He doesn't leave out the negative aspects of his subjects, but he always makes you identify with them in some way. We are all people and we are all flawed, but we all have the capacity and capability to do something extraordinary, significant and change the world. 

You can probably find all of his films at your local library...go get a library card right now!

but first, watch this...

P.S. Karen from The Office is portrayed by Quincy Jones' daughter.

she is dreamy. :)