Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Still Here...

It's been almost two years to the day since my last post on here. It's time to revive this thing. This summer I have really stepped up the amount of film reviews I have been writing, so I can practice and build up a big portfolio. I've been posting them on tumblr, but they get lost in all of the other things I post over there, and I think the majority of tumblr users don't like to read things with lots of paragraphs. So, I'm going to post the reviews here as well from now on. I want to start with the reviews I've been writing since the end of June. I'll post about 5 at a time, so you aren't bombarded. I'll do that until I'm caught up. Then I'll start posting one a day. My goal for the summer is 50 reviews. I hope you enjoy them. I'd love feedback and criticism too, if you have it.

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