Thursday, August 2, 2012

All Ladies Do It (1992)

All Ladies Do It is a very easy film to review, but it's not an easy film for me to watch. It's not a bad film and it's not a good film. It does exactly what it is trying to do and it does that with style and confidence. But it's also a sensory overload of sex and nudity mixed into a ridiculous cast of characters and story line. I'm no prude, but I do have my limits. 90 minutes is just too much. 

The director/co-writer of Così fan tutte (All Ladies Do It) is Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass. He is best described as the Italian Russ Meyer, but his obsession lies on the posterior not the bosom. You can expect to see a lot of butts in a Tinto Brass film. I just realized Brass rhymes with ass. I'm so glad I made this discovery. Brass has made films since the early 60's and his most famous film is probably Caligula (1979). However, his name was removed from the project after he was fired and Bob Guccione from Penthouse Magazine took control completely destroying the finished product by adding his own reshot footage. Although it was probably doomed from the start. What I want you to understand is that Tinto Brass is a very good director. He is professional, knows what he's doing and has a great eye for color and composition. It's the adult content and subject matter of his films that will either draw you in or repel you. 

The plot is fairly straight forward and simple. Claudia Kroll plays Diana. Diana is married to Paolo (Paolo Lanza), they seem to have a good marriage and they obviously care for each other deeply. But on a consistent basis, Diana finds herself in sexual predicaments with other men. She remains free from guilt because she tells her husband everything in such graphic detail that it excites him. All the while he does not realize that she is actually telling the truth, believing that it is all a fantasy. The first half of the film is made up almost entirely of Diana either having sex with her husband or someone else. Things get tricky when he finally realizes that she really is having all of these affairs. 

The soft core film genre is kind of like the Horror genre in that it has a built in audience. As long as you know what it is- from the poster or trailer or a critics review, you will know if you want to see it based on whether or not you go for that sort of thing. If you do in fact enjoy a light hearted romp with lots of skin and sex, then you can't get much better than a Tinto Brass film. Not only does it deliver in the intended area, but it's also funny and has a message. Some may find it's message empowering and others may find it offensive. I suspect you already know which category you will fall under.

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